An Ask Ally Thought

In Life, People, question on February 1, 2008 at 6:33 pm

WordPress has a nifty feature that informs me of the search terms which have, in some way or another, lead to people viewing my wicked-awesome hardcorez blog.

This feature has lead me to notice a rather peculiar social trend.

A LOT of people spill coffee on their ugg boots.

And I mean a lot. Fer-realz. At least once every other day or so I get a couple of hits from the search term “coffee stain on ugg boots”

Hmm… I have just thought of an Ask Ally question for you all to answer: What sort of imaginative cause could be behind this connection between coffee spills and ugg boots? And I don’t want logical answers outlining the fact that because my blog deals with both of those items it is more prone to come up on such searches than on other, unrelated searches. No no, I want something good.

Amuse me, children. E-mail answers (and any Ask Ally questions) to

  1. Why do so many people spill coffee on their ugg boots?
    Well, I’m going to go ahead and guess that the girls and boys who do this are beginning to see the light. They’ve looked in the mirror. They took their trendster coloured glasses off and screamed in horror at what they were pairing with their miniskirts and leggings.

    Though perhaps not consciously after this sad realization, they started to think of ways to hurt the boots so they didn’t have to wear them anymore. Not only would their trendy team of friends notice and criticize the absence of the boots but the parents whose credit cards were still smoking would not be pleased. Thus these poor enlightened girls and boys had to come up with sneakier ways to rid their lives of uggs. Spills, for example, would be an excellent and common scapegoat. Not ready to admit their contempt for the boots they would spill coffee subconsciously and then out of guilt search how to clean it up online. This would shortly be followed by a call to daddy with tears in their voices, saying ‘I’m so sorry!’ and somehow convincing him to buy them those Dior made glittery crocs they were looking at.
    I guess some people never learn.

    [I really rambled there, but I tried]

  2. That is actually a wonderful reason!

    And, just to prove your theory right, today I had yet another view from the search terms “coffee stain on ugg boots”

    Yay Becca!

  3. dear ally my mom keeps making me move my mom gets so exited and forgets about my feelings about it and does not even ask me she just goes ahead and does it what should i do?

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