Wild Exploits of a Daemon Candle

In Beauty, Life, Relationships on July 4, 2008 at 11:03 pm

My Dearest Vincent,

Friday the 13th of June… three weeks ago now, at least… I watched as liquid hot wax dripped from your gaping eye socket, devoid of eye.

You were a party animal, flirting with the ladies, winking at them with your one good eye.
You watched me while I slept. But not in a creepy way.
Remember when I bought you? It was you or a normal candle. And I thought – Who wants that? Normal? – and I stuffed you in a bag with miniature chocolate bars and some movies. And you were the life of that particular soiree, on Hallowe’en night.

Course we never did put you to purpose and raise the dead like we’d planned. We were distracted by Twix.

You were my surrogate boyfriend,

While I awaited the arrival of my true lover,

The illustrious Edgar Allan Poe,

In a battered cardboard box filled with shoes and yarn.

And we set you alight and watched you ooze. It was brilliant.
Thanks for making it a truly creepy night.

You are a prince. Rest sweetly now. For a while at least

(PS I named you after a little dough-man I made in Pizza Pizza. I hope you don’t mind)

  1. Our thoughts go out to Vincent; I’m sure he’s staring oculuslessly at someone nice in the afterlife.

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