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Alliteration. I loves it.

Anyway, moving on: I just wanted to throw in a plug for a few wobsites that I love and check daily… or at least, frequently… well, occasionally… anyway, I’ve been paid to say they’re great. I have most of these linked at the side of the site, so check them out!

1) My brother’s blog, Insights of a Species-Confused Goat: Few goats are this funny or intelligent. In fact, most can’t even read or write! Layabouts. But not this one, because he’s my brother, so I raised him up good. Give it a look-see. But never use the word look-see. I hate it.

2) Kate Beaton’s webcomic: If you’re a geek, and like history, and hilarity, this is for you. Interesting tidbit – Kate is the sister of one of my old roommates from university. I loved that roommate. Still do! She’s great, and this comic is also great.

3) Scott Feschuk’s blog, Feschuk on the Famous: If you, like me, find most of today’s celebrity culture (and also Canadian politics) to be something to laugh at, then you, like me, will fall madly in love with this little man. He is my hero, my idol, my false god… the inspiration for my fountain of synonyms, you might say. I frequently make reference to him in my posts, so you can pass it off on your taxes as necessary research.

4) If you haven’t yet figured out that I love Strombo, leave. Now. Navigate away from the site, and never return. Well – unless, of course, that this is the first post you’ve ever read. In that case, read some more (all of them) and then, if you haven’t figured out by that time that I love Strombo, you must leave, and know that if I knew, I would mock you for having less brains than Vincent, my half-melted candle.

5) The BBC: – it’s good to be informed. And the BBC pops up on my RSS feed. I suppose, if you’re living in Canadia, you could go to the CBC website. I frequently do that as well:

‘Cuz knowledge is power!

  1. And knowing is half the battle!

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