An Ask Ally Appeal

In Advice, Uncategorized on August 17, 2008 at 3:01 pm

I’d like to take a moment, if I may, to address a concern which seems to have plagued Ask Ally since its inception. You see, despite the fact that there now appears to be a goodly sized chunk of people, mostly my friends or casual acquaintances, who read Ask Ally (and who ask for more frequent updates), few if any of these people ever send in questions of their own to be answered.

Allow me to clarify something here. If you haven’t clicked on the ‘How it Works’ page which is listed to the right of your screen, please do so. Ask Ally runs off of real questions submitted by real people. I do not make up my own questions to answer (though I may have influenced some ideas by which a question has been submitted).

Anyway, the appeal part comes in here: please, please, PLEASE send in some questions. The e-mail address is, or, if you wish, you can submit a question in a comment on any of the pages or posts on this blog, and I will consider that as a submittal.

The questions can be little ones – perfect for an Ask Ally quicky, which I write when I am busy – or really good ones, perfect for a full on Ask Ally response, which I write infrequently and too hastily. But please, do send them. I am running quite low and as my dissertation is due in at the end of August, I am thinking that there will be some more time for Ask Ally in the near future, which can only be realised if I have questions to answer.

However, having said all of this, there are some things to keep in mind. I understand people being too shy to send in questions (well, actually, I don’t, since it can be totally anonymous and it’s the internet and people do stupid shit on it all the time). And in many cases, this shyness is warranted, because the questions are crap. We here at Ask Ally (and by ‘we’, I mean ‘me’), have standards. Got that? Standards.

Before sending in a question, have a quick think. Is Ask Ally serious? Nope. Is it intelligent? Not in any conceivable way. So, please, send in questions that you honestly think could inspire a good Ally-esque response.

I don’t have any desire to discuss real politics. I can make my own up perfectly well, thank you very much. Social phenomena are always welcome topics of discussion, and random news headlines can be good. Advice related questions can get tricky, because I much prefer being sarcastic and bitter to being helpful, when it comes to it. The random is always best.

Of course, I am brilliant. I daresay perhaps even a genius. As such, if I am put to it, I can twist any inane question to reveal a response with a kernel of hilarity at its core. But I am also lazy as all hell. And so, if a question doesn’t inspire me with an idea, I will just not write.

If you want more Ask Ally, it doesn’t help to tell me to update more often. Send in a question that lights a fire in my heart. That’s the true path to enlightenment.

  1. Dear Ally,

    I seek your wisdom, again, in my darkest hour. I have issued to a man a challenge. A duel; the tool: blogging. However, I know not how to forge this delicate art into a weapon of war.

    How, wise Ally, may I make good on this blog fight?


  2. […] gory but poignant metaphor is that no one has sent me questions in literally months, even when I directly asked for them (you’ll notice there is a question in the comments. He solved it himself within days. […]

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