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An Ask Ally Swan Song?

In Life on November 4, 2008 at 1:08 pm

Hey all.

It is a sad topic for an Ask Ally post (which was originally a message to the Ask Ally Facebook Take Over group), but a necessary one. The truth is, people, that I am thinking about letting Ask Ally go.

It seems to be crippled and in pain. And when something you love is hobbling along, oozing blood from various orifices, you don’t just stand there and watch it. You shoot it in the face. With love.
What I mean by this gory but poignant metaphor is that no one has sent me questions in literally months, even when I directly asked for them (you’ll notice there is a question in the comments. He solved it himself within days. Dammit). And I don’t just mean good questions that I can work with (usually, I get some good questions, and some questions that are really just impossibly to develop anything out of). I mean any questions. Since September. About anything. At all. Read the rest of this entry »