AskAlly’s Zombie Paranoia

In Life on December 29, 2008 at 3:49 pm

It may seem folly to start a new blog when I haven’t updated this one more often than once every two months, but I’m pretty sure we’ll all agree that I’m a pretty big fool.

The thing with Ask Ally is that writing a response takes effort. I have to have a funny idea pop into my head after reading a question, and then I have to plan out an answer, and then craft that plan into a brilliant, witty reality. It’s exhausting, not to mention time consuming.

The last six months I not only haven’t had much (or any) free time on my hands, but when I did I was so tired that I was pretty much incapable of doing anything other than playing Pokemon or watching Doctor Who repeats on BBC three (fuckin’ eh!). Also, and this sounds crazy, I know, but I really just didn’t feel funny. I need to be inspired, and if I did feel funny for a moment, and get motivated to go update Ask Ally, it’d be gone by the time I logged in, and I’d think “fuck it”, and go watch Buzzcocks.

Anyway, the moral to this story is that I have created another blog into which I can pour out my thoughts on the one thing that occupies my mind about 87% of the time: zombies.  Check out the Neighbourhood Zombie Watch, which, I must admit, I will probably update more often. See, I truly do have paranoid delusions in which I convince myself that the Zombie Apocalypse has occurred, or is occurring, or is just about to occur. And thoughts about it, or instances in which this delusion overwhelms me, occur at least daily. So I thought I would put them out into the blogosphere. They will take the form of short, spontaneous posts – musings, or descriptions of zombie hallucinations, or any such thoughts.

Please do add it to your bookmarks!


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