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The “Helping Hands” Edition

In Uncategorized on January 17, 2009 at 9:35 pm

Okay, so this question wasn’t technically “submitted” according to the usual recognised processes, but I will use it here anyway because I think it bears merit in my present situation.

Dear Ally,

Why do people seem to think it appropriate to point and laugh, rather than help? I mean, where are the “Good Samaritans” I read about in the newspaper? Why is everyone such an asshole?

Susan, Edinburgh

* * *

Dear Susan,

Okay, I know that this question came up in a conversation, but shhhhhh, we won’t tell anyone that, will we?

Oh, wow. I started this post waaaaay back at the beginning of September, when I was still filled with hot rage at the cruelty of the masses. Unfortunately, I have spent the subsequent months in such a state of relaxation and bliss that I can hardly imagine channeling all of that blind hatred-for-every-living-creature again in order to compose an angry masterpiece for your general amusement.

Wait a minute… right. I’ve just been made aware that the last four months have been crap – truly “sucked the balls” as they (I) say, so I should be good. Where were we? Right, the assholery of jackasses:

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