April 23rd: It Approaches

In Life, Pets on April 4, 2009 at 1:48 am

I am so, so, so sorry. I had the best of intentions, I really did. I was going to update often, make time, etc.

But, obviously, I failed. I failed so epically that I flailed. Wildly. So wildly that I had to warn Will Robinson about the imminent danger.


My major first year PhD assessment is due on April 21st. On April 21st and 22nd I have to do some proofreading and work hard to make the moniez. BUT on April 23rd – WATCH OUT BARNEY RUBBLE I am back in style.

Either that or I am taking a cat day (do it, it’s brilliant. Take a day off and pretend you’re a cat. Bask, stretch, eat, curl up, make someone rub your head, bask, sleep, snooze, bask, stretch, eat some more, and then attack a squirell). But I promise that I will start making it up to you once the terror is over, okay? I have LOADS of questions thanks to a particularly awesome reader, and I am itching to answer them.

So please, like the convict said to his lady-friend: wait for me, I’ll be out in 2-3 (except for me it’s weeks, not years. And I don’t need to worry about soap-on-a-rope accidents).


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