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Linguistic Musings: On the non-word “koob”

In Funny, Life on September 30, 2009 at 2:01 am

In the course of clearing out my e-mail folders from the e-mail address I used as a teenager, my old adolescent hotmail account, I found myself confronted with a number of tear-jerking memories. Oh, my teenaged-self. The e-mail address itself speaks volumes: I’ve deliberately included an incorrect year of my birth not, as I might now do, to throw off potential identity theft wannabes, but rather to make myself seem older to friends, co-workers, and potential sweethearts of the messenger variety.

I also found an immensely strange e-mail that I wrote to friends of mine in a regional subset of a leadership group that was, at the time, known as the Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Association, or HOBY for short. I loved this group. I wish I were still involved (though it now goes by another name). I am frequently attacked by bouts of nostalgia for those simpler days, and for the amazing friendships I formed there. Never was I so cool (and, as anyone who was in said group could tell you, that is saying something truly depressing about my current state of coolness), or so accepted.

But I digress: this e-mail. What exactly prompted it I cannot not fathom, but I saved it in the dregs of my inbox for some reason, surely anticipating the joy my future self would enjoy upon re-discovering it. And I thought, with some small amendments, I might post it here to enlighten and enrich the lives of my readers worldwide… all 7 of them:

“…ย Clearly, koob is book backwards. Would you like a further explanation? Of course you would. Settle down in your sleeping bags kidlets, this is going to be a long night…

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An Open Letter to the Arseholes Living Across the Way…

In Advice, Life, People, Social Commentary on September 23, 2009 at 1:03 am

To the individuals currently living across from me,

You will excuse me, I hope, if I come across as rude. You see, you have kept me awake for TWELVE CONSECUTIVE NIGHTS with your drunken inanity and a distinct lack of sleep has made me somewhat short of temper. Indeed, I fear that another drunken shriek may push me over the edge into the realm of the downright cantankerous.

Ah, you must be the fellow who threw a kegger in the flat directly across from my building last night.

Ah, you must be the fellow who threw a kegger in the flat directly across from my building last night.

I have racked my brains for a way to get through to you: super-soakers, oversized banners with suspect spelling hung from the window, passive aggressive Morse code communiques, axe murder, the “Rants and Raves” section of the Edinburgh Craigslist, in-between a posting of love for Susan Boyle and a warning about the doom facing our children which I strongly suspect carries a heavy xenophobic bent.

However, as per usual, this is the channel through which I shall express myself, fully aware that in the next 30 days not one of you shall have read it, and you all shall have continued in your aggressive acts of disrespect, while I will long since have taken refuge in my newest recreational hobby of day-dreaming about smashing your personal belongings. Read the rest of this entry »