Valentines’ Day Haiku Part III: I love chicken, I love liver, MeowMix MeowMix please deliver

In Funny, Life, People, Poetry, Relationships, Social Commentary on February 17, 2011 at 12:30 am

The final installment of my Valentines’ Day Haiku tweet collection brings together tweets from the day leading up to V-Day, as well as the grand occasion itself.


Slipping on icy

cobble-stones, frost on the glass.

Month of love and roses.

(Yeah, I added an extra syllable. Deal with it)


So soft in my arms.

We hug, I am comforted.

My teddy loves me.

(My teddy’s name is Penny the Gender Ambiguous Bear)


Red roses, red wine

red hearts, red cards, red army

Communist onslaught?

(Think about it) (Least successful communist onslaught ever)


Valentines pancakes.

Heart-shaped, drowning in syrup

and love. Digested.


Criminal pleasure.

We would have been hanged if it

were 1902.

(Pleasure is sin, you guys. Keep it dull and businesslike)


Roses are red and

violets blue. If not for the

kids, I would leave you.


Childhood love; pure

ninja turtle fantasy

sullied by the net.

(Donatello the Ninja Turtle is a sexual beast, but those youtube videos of turtle sex noises have ruined the gleeful innocence of my first true love. I am forever traumatised)


Dizzy. Heart pounding,

Pulse sonorous in my ears.

Spinning? I swoon. Drunk.

(The quality really plummeted towards the end)


Fatal bubbles stream;

pink champagne tickles parched lips.

No antidote, love.

(Don’t accept champagne from strangers)

#10 (A bonus, post Valentine’s Day Haiku)

Frenzy over, the

15th brings ennui; perfect

metaphor for love.


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