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Movie Night with AskAlly: 2012

In Animals, Dog, Film, Life, People, Travel on March 13, 2011 at 3:03 am

For the last two days I, like most people, spent most of the day with BBC News live running pretty much non-stop in the corner of my laptop while I worked on the next chapter of my thesis. Actually, that’s probably not what most people did the last two days at all, but I am sure that most people, like me, were transfixed by the horrific images of the devastation in Japan. My heart goes out to the victims and their families.

Maybe at first we hoped that a pretty serious bullet had been dodged. A bazooka bullet. Do bazookas have bullets? The point stands: for the first few hours, despite a number of YouTube videos featuring Tokyo getting mad shook up, the predicted death toll was low for a magnitude 8.9 quake. Good on you, Japanese building engineers.

But then there was the tsunami, and we found out what had happened to Sendai, Minamisanriku, and the rest of the Miyagi Prefecture. The footage of a wave of water, debris, and debris on fire obliterating everything in its path didn’t seem real. Neither did the tsunami warnings issued for the rest of the Pacific Basin, nor the reports of nuclear emergencies at power stations. It was like something out of an apocalyptic disaster film; or, more specifically, something from Roland Emmerich’s 2012.

I had never seen this film, but thanks to the magic of Twitter I was made well aware of the parallels (and here you probably thought it was all Bieberphiles and bad grammar and misogynistic hashtag trends). Still, I needed to see for myself if the Japanese earthquake really was a sign of the end of days. So I decided to watch it while working on my chapter, giving myself a break from the news reports. However, I very quickly found myself abandoning any pretence of work and getting 100% invested in the sheer insanity of this film.

I haven’t seen a film this full-on crazy since the 1966 Adam West gem Batman: The Movie. And in that movie, Adam West made a shark blow up by spraying it with a bat-brand shark repellent while dangling upside down from a helicopter within the first 3 minutes of the film. What follows is my scene-by-scene (well, important scene by important scene) reaction to the film. Hopefully you will be inspired to waste 2 hours of your life watching it, too. Read the rest of this entry »