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The “Cool-Tips are so ’99” Edition

In Advice, Fashion, People, Social Commentary on January 30, 2008 at 9:45 pm

Dearest Knitz (aka Ally),

I have an Ask Ally question for you: what are these mysterious “guidos” I’ve heard so little about, and what is it that seems to attract women to them so?

Your Nemesis,

*   *   *   *   *

Aha, my old arch nemesis…. How are you, arch nemesis? Besides evil incarnate!!

Well, aside from that tiny little wall of hatred which divides us, I see no real reason why I shouldn’t provide at least some sort of answer to your pathetic excuse for a question.

First off, I would like to establish the nature of the term ‘guido’ as I will discuss it. Given the context in which you have used the word, I assume you do not mean the ethnic slur referring generally to people of Italian heritage. Rather, I believe you mean those people whose personal style is often referred to by the term ‘guido’, which is based on the stereotypes associated with the aforementioned heritage.

It is important, during this Ask Ally, to remember that this term is still used as an ethnic slur, but that is not how I intend to consider it. Also please remember that the non-ethnic-type-slur which I will be focusing on is still based very much on stereotypes. And what is a stereotype, children? “A too-simple and therefore distorted image of a group”. Good boys and girls! Now we can continue. Read the rest of this entry »