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Valentines’ Day Haiku Part III: I love chicken, I love liver, MeowMix MeowMix please deliver

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The final installment of my Valentines’ Day Haiku tweet collection brings together tweets from the day leading up to V-Day, as well as the grand occasion itself.


Slipping on icy

cobble-stones, frost on the glass.

Month of love and roses.

(Yeah, I added an extra syllable. Deal with it)


So soft in my arms.

We hug, I am comforted.

My teddy loves me.

(My teddy’s name is Penny the Gender Ambiguous Bear)


Red roses, red wine

red hearts, red cards, red army

Communist onslaught?

(Think about it) (Least successful communist onslaught ever)


Valentines pancakes.

Heart-shaped, drowning in syrup

and love. Digested.


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More Valentines Day Haiku: Because Love Don’t Cost a Thing

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Requests were made for more haiku. Okay, a request was made. But since I had written about 600 words today, I felt that I was justified in indulging further procrastination. But I must warn you that for some reason I was obsessed with bestiality tonight. It wasn’t a conscious thing, but apparently it was lurking in the back of my mind for some unknown reason. A number of the haiku reflect that fact.

And so:


My tail for legs: I

moved worlds for you, but mermaid

sex is still bestial


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An Ode for my Underpants

In Uncategorized on April 9, 2008 at 1:45 am

I’d like to take a moment to share with you a more personal side of Ally.

At this late hour, I’ve taken to reflecting on my life. There’s one moment which stands out in my memory like an electrocuted cat in a line-up of puppies – the day my underpants blew away. One moment, I am innocently doing my laundry, carrying the clean clothes up from the washer in the basement, walking up the outside steps in the fresh, Nova Scotian spring breeze. The next, the cruel ocean wind rips a pair of my underpants from the basket and hurls it off into nothingness…

It took me a long time to get over that unfortunate afternoon – months. In the process of healing, I wrote an ode for those underpants. I’d like you all to experience it now.

An Ode to my Underpants