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“Our Canada. Our Values.”

In Life, People, Social Commentary on May 4, 2011 at 10:49 pm

Sometimes at 4 in the morning I wake up with the inexplicable conviction that society has been swept away by the zombie apocalypse, leaving me in a desolate world with no company besides walking corpses that wait to break down my door at any minute. I lay still, too scared to move even as the full bladder that woke me becomes an ever more pressing concern, while beneath the fear there’s a surreality born out of the uncertain knowledge that this isn’t really happening. A train passes or a toilet flushes or my neighbours start having unnecessarily loud sex; the world turns right-side-up again, and I avail myself of the loo and go back to sleep.

This Tuesday at 4am, I was fully awake and huddled around my laptop. I had that same feeling, but it wasn’t zombie related. As the CBC called a Conservative majority, a healthy measure of blinding rage made its way into my gut to mingle with the the fear, the disbelief and the 3 Hobnobs that had been there since about 3:30. But that faith that at any minute something would come along to shake me out of my bizarre hallucination never waned. At least, not until I went to bed. Read the rest of this entry »