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The “IRL” Edition

In Advice, Life, People, question on July 1, 2008 at 5:30 pm

Joanna, of Toronto, asks,

Dear Ally,

How do real people have a nine to five job and manage to accomplish things in the week (laundry, meals, shopping etc.)? How also do some manage to raise children at the same time that are not completely deliquent? Moreover, how do they plan for the future while staying on top of the present, things like vacations and life insurance? I’m confused. I do one of these things, and it’s taken me 2 whole months just to find the time to Ask Ally?


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Dear Joanna,

Well, allow me just to say that I am pleased to see that my humble little blog took precedence on your list of things to do – precedence, even, over food and semi-delinquent children. I mean, I am well aware that if most people’s list of “important stuff to do,” featured a tie between “birth children; raise to peak of near-delinquency” and “write in to Ask Ally,” I would be on the losing end of that one. So I would like to acknowledge the inner turmoil that you no doubt faced, and thank you for making the right choice: me (for all readers, in the future, bear in mind that the right choice is always me – even if I am not one of the options). Read the rest of this entry »